What you need to know and avoid for a leaflet distribution campaign

Door to door flyer distribution has been used as a marketing tool for many years and is even used today.

Before the digital age, flyers were one of the most effective ways to communicate a business to customers. 

It was laser focused to specific areas where a service was targeted for the residents or commuters. 

An age-old tactic…

Flyers were used over the years for many several reasons. It includes women recruitment to join the Suffragette movement, promote war propaganda to citizens and encourage young men to join the army during World Wars.

However, as the internet achieved dominance, people access information via different methods.

But flyers are still used today and are still effective.

Research shows that people do read them and don’t simply throw them away. 

Door to door flyer distribution in targeted locations 

Local businesses that want to attract local customers often find door-to-door distribution is a great way to let people know about their business or service. 

The opening of a new gym, an independent photographer looking for new clients, or a local MP wanting to gain support for a campaign.

Flyering is one of the more cost-effective ways for advertising. 

What you need to know before starting a leaflet distribution campaign

We have run more leafleting and flyering campaigns than we care to count! And we’ve learned a thing or two along the way.

The cost of flyers 

The cost of flyers will depend on several factors, including the quantity, the size, if you want colour or black and white, and the quality of the paper. 

You may also want to consider the paper source as more and more people are looking for materials from eco-friendly suppliers.

However, one of the many benefits of the door-to-door flyer distribution is that it can suit any budget. 

Quantity is key

As you would expect, the more you order, the lower the unit cost. 

If you are planning to target a specific area, make sure you plan and calculate the quantity you need, remembering to include houses with multiple residents such as flats or apartments.

It’s also worth including other local businesses and allow extra for direct hand distribution.

This allows you to engage on a one to one level with potential new customers as well as be the face of any new business venture.

Understand who you’re targeting

There are several ways to target a specific audience, including recruiting agency staff to manage your leaflet distribution for you.

You can provide branded clothing, outline your ideal customer and then they can approach potential clients on your behalf.

Agency staff are experienced in engaging people and are confident and friendly with good people skills, which can be an ideal way to attract new customers. 

Measuring Results 

One key feature of flyer distribution is the ability to monitor the results. This can be achieved by including a redemption code on the flyer or a money off voucher.

This can be directly linked back to the leaflet campaign and is helpful while planning new campaigns.

It’s also a good way to incentivise new customers to ty out your business or service. 

A good design wins the day

In planning your flyers, remember to make them eye-catching and not overcrowded with too much information as this can stop people from reading them.

Use large, bold lettering, images of your business.

Include key information such as your contact details, any offer prices and any quotes or reviews from satisfied customers. 

Vehicle flyers 

In addition to door-to-door flyer marketing, flyers can be placed under the windscreen wipers of cars parked in the local area. 

This not only targets the owner of the vehicle, but also passers-by who may spot the flyer and see your business advertised. 

For local businesses, door to door flyer marketing can be effective and worthwhile. The success can be evaluated and, it can suit any budget. By recruiting agency staff to help you distribute your flyers, you can be sure to engage residents and let them know about your products or services. 

5 Leaflet Distribution Mistakes You Must Avoid 

Just as we’ve learnt everything you need to know about flyering campaigns, we’ve also learned some lessons the hard way too. 

Here are your top mistakes to avoid if you want to nail your flyering.

Making your messaging content too general 

One of the most common mistakes is to make your leaflet contents too general during your attempt to connect with a specific clientele.

You need to ensure the messaging and visuals on your leaflet design will appeal to your target audience.

Personalization is one of the many advantages of leafleting campaigns. 

Failing to geotarget your leafleting campaign correctly 

Targeting is vital if you want to ensure the best possible return on investment (ROI) on your campaign. 

Premium products or services need to be targeted at specific locations which are most likely to be receptive to them.

Conversely, highly cost-competitive and bargain offerings can be targeted at a very different demographic. 

Using amateur leafleting services 

We have all seen the piles of leaflets dumped over an abandoned railway bridge or at the side of a footpath.

Not only does this fall foul of littering bylaws but we’re all left feeling a little sorry for the organization that commissioned the distribution of those leaflets and wasted their marketing budget in doing so.

Street PR’s professional leafleting teams are carefully managed and checked to ensure that the leaflets are actually delivered as promised. 

Aggressive in-person leafleting

In-person leafleting can be hugely effective, provided that the team concerned are professional and personable.

Your brand is, quite literally, in their hands. Many of us have been on the receiving end of in-person hand-outs in shopping centers or on the high street and experiences can vary.

You should carefully select your leafleting staff and ensure they are fully trained to ensure the correct balance between enthusiasm and effectiveness versus overly assertive approaches.  

Lack of a call to action 

Your campaign has a purpose and yet we see so many leaflets where the desired action is barely present. 

Whether it is the redemption of a voucher code, the registration for a newsletter or contact for further information, your leaflet needs to clearly emphasize the desired action, the benefits of taking that action and how to do so. 

Options for contacting will need to be appropriate for the demographic you are trying to reach. 

The five mistakes above are only a few of the myriad of factors you need to consider to ensure a successful leafleting campaign. Why not contact the professionals at Street PR today and ensure that your next campaign is the best yet. 

We have been smashing leafleting campaigns for our clients since we opened up shop. In a world of digital noise, sometimes the old ways cut through. Get in touch to speak to the street marketing experts.

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