What to Consider for a Leafleting Campaign?

Engaging Staff 

When leafleting, a warm and approachable manner is needed to avoid making a poor first impression and undermining your strategy. Experienced leaflet distributors understand how to get a message out there, including where to target and how to engage people in a positive way. 

The best leaflet distributors are also able to offer insight into the best locations and times to maximise the reach of your campaign and plan the most beneficial schedule. 

Strategic Leafleting Approach 

The most reputable leaflet distributors also offer several different types of leafleting, including both driving blanket awareness and taking a more selective leafleting approach. 

These key decisions will always be informed by the desired outcomes of each leafleting campaign in order to drive the best possible return on investment (ROI). Plus, your leaflets can be coded to comprehensively monitor key metrics, such as cost per acquisition. 

Proper Planning 

Professional teams understand how to plan effective routes and ensure that highly experienced staff are assigned to specific areas. Individual team members can check in frequently via mobile apps and organise things like shop drops and targeting University halls if suitable for your needs. This step is critical to get right as poor audience targeting will lead to very low response rates. 

Drive a Solid Return on Investment (ROI) 

Ultimately without a proper strategy, leafleting can fail to deliver the outcomes you want to see from your investment. You want your audience to be receptive to your messaging, which is why it is vital that your leaflets aren’t immediately dismissed by the very people you want to connect with. 

It is also important to avoid a passive advertising style of leafleting, which is akin to displaying information on objects or windows with lots of other advertising material. As this form of advertising is so easy to overlook, it has the lowest chances of success. 

Permissions and Permits 

Posting leaflets through letterboxes doesn’t require any special permits, however, leafleting on the street often does. Working with an experienced team will ensure that your leafleting strategy complies with all legal requirements and will ensure that your business doesn’t experience any potentially damaging repercussions. 

After all, you don’t want to garner attention for all the wrong reasons as it can be difficult to restore confidence in your brand once it has been undermined. There are numerous advantages to pursuing a leafleting strategy, even in today’s digital-forward business landscape. 

At Street PR, we understand that each client has different expectations with their very own leafleting campaign. We train our staff in accordance with our client’s expectations and the goals for their venue or event. Find out more here.

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