What is the Future of Flyer Distribution in the Digital Era?

Marketing and PR are as important as ever and no company can afford to rest on its laurels when it comes to these areas of activity. Whilst the last two decades have seen an unfathomable change in the ways brands are able to communicate with customers and potential customers, sometimes the original marketing activities are still the best. 

Flyer distribution remains in vogue, and why it continues to offer numerous advantages to brands looking to make their mark, and ultimately increase sales but, will it stay this way? We delve deeper into the future of flyer distribution below.

The Power of the Physical World 

In an increasingly virtual world, there’s something offered by a hard piece of paper that just can’t be communicated online. A sign, ad, promo or message that is sent digitally will only stay with a customer for a short time. 

A piece of paper is a hard reminder of that message, however, whether it’s used as a bookmark, to write a shopping list on or to stick on the fridge with a magnet for later use. A piece of paper will stay around until someone makes the decision to get rid of it, pass it on or use it. 

Flyers lead to actual sales 

Flyers work best when they are handed out close to your store or point of sale. A flyer is the perfect way to put a discount straight in a customer’s hand, leading them directly to your store in real time. Not only does this increase sales, but it’s easy to track the number of sales that have arisen directly from flyer distribution. 


 Flyer distribution remains one of the easiest ways to communicate with your target customers. There’s no need to gain email addresses or employ experts in online marketing, web designers or social media specialists. Flyers are a fast, low-cost and easy way to target a large audience in a short space of time. For businesses in the capital, using flyer distributors in London is still the easiest way to be heard. 

What is the Future of Flyer Distribution? 

Flyer distribution still offers plenty of benefits even in the digital age, but what is the future of this marketing practice? We think that flyer distribution will continue to be as effective as it always has been, but that doesn’t mean it can’t adapt. 

Think about the content of your message and how you can change it to suit the modern age. For example, flyers can display QR codes which can be used to make instant online purchases and also offer email sign-up options. 

 Flyer Distribution is still one of the most cost effective marketing strategies that is widely used and are a great way to build awareness for your business, event or venue. Find out more here

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