The top 5 Qualities for Professional Hospitality Staff

Finding the right hospitality staff for your business, venue, or event can have its challenges. Here at StreetPR, we know that one of the most important goals is positive reactions from your customers. 

For this, it is key to have the right staffing with the correct skills and personal qualities to ensure that they can provide your customers with the best experience possible. Here are some qualities that you should consider in your staffing process.  


Presentation is crucial for those working in hospitality. The staff at your event, after all, are representing your business to your customers. Front-of-house staff particularly should be well presented. 

Depending on the event or business it is paramount to have the proper staffing that shows your customers who you are and acts as the face of your brand. This can be achieved through an appropriate outfit, or a certain look or style. 

Customer Service 

You won’t want to risk negative feedback from your customers due to a poor experience with one of your staff. Customer service is so important for hospitality staffing. 

Finding staff with great people skills, and an understanding of what your guests want is a crucial part of any event in the hospitality industry. The key is to ensure that the customer is happy and satisfied with their experience and to drive repeat business back to your firm. 


Both front and back of house staff are providing a service to your customers which reflects on your business – they are looking after your reputation. How customers see the staff is how they view your business, brand, or venue. Therefore, your staff should work professionally in the way that they act and speak to your customers at all times. 


Having confidence, being outgoing and likeable is an important part of hospitality staffing in London. You want your customers and guests to really connect with your firm, and this is achieved through the staff working for you and your event. Your customers are looking for someone who will be bubbly, personable, empathetic and make them feel important in handling questions, making eye contact, and maintaining a good attitude. 

Ability to Multi-task 

While all the qualities mentioned are important, it is essential that your staff can multitask, while demonstrating the above personal and professional qualities. They can be professional and exhibit good presentation while pouring a glass of wine, but if they are lacking in customer service and likeability the customer feedback may not be so positive. 

If you are looking for hospitality staffing in the UK for your event, business, or venue, we have the experience to deliver. We can provide your customers with a great day or evening out, refreshing drinks, delicious food, and a wonderful experience. Get in touch to find out more.

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