Why is it important to recruit trained bar staff?

Hiring trained and motivated bar staff is important for several reasons.

If you are holding an event, have a venue or a business with a bar that you need staffing, it is crucial to choose the right people to keep the bar running seamlessly.

The role of your bar staff is to keep the drinks flowing while providing great customer service and ensuring that your guests are happy.

Here are some important reasons why you should recruit trained bar staff.

Customer service 

One of the most important roles of anyone behind the bar is to provide great customer service to guests.

Trained bar staff are attentive and hardworking, as well as knowledgeable about the menu and drinks.

This helps them provide proper recommendations for guests to the venue. 

Friendly & likeable

Tying in with customer service, trained bar staff are also personable and friendly to their colleagues and guests.

Enthusiastic bartenders with great people skills know that it is important to greet guests in a friendly manner and be likeable for customers through being attentive. 

Preparation is Key 

During busy events, weekends or big nights out, it is easy for the bar to fall into chaos with many people wanting a drink or waiting to place an order.

It is important to have trained bar staff who work well under pressure.

A trained bartender knows that preparation is important to avoid any possible problems later. 

They will work hard to make sure that the bar is ready with fully stocked fridges, check stock levels to know how much of each beverage or bar snack they have, clean glasses, ice at the ready, as well as fresh fruits and garnishes pre-cut.

This saves time later on and helps things go smoothly at the bar, especially during busy periods. 

Menu & orders

 The trained bar staff know that they should learn the menu and drinks thoroughly so that they can answer questions, take orders and make specific drinks easily, without wasting time and having to go back to check these items on the menu.

A trained bartender will also be efficient at remembering orders, or for larger orders will go out of their way to make sure they serve correctly by noting things down. 

In addition to the reasons, we have listed above, trained bar staff are also knowledgeable in the laws around drinking to ensure that they are following the rules. 

 Trained bar staff are essential in many events and venues in making sure that the customer has a great experience, drive repeat business and uphold your reputation.

Trained bar staff can ensure that everything works seamlessly in the bar area through their personal and bar skills.

We have been running events since 2006 and beyond. From student nights to app launches, we’ve built a network of professional, trained staff for all manner of events and occasions.

Find the best bar staff in your area today.

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