The importance of exhibition staff & how we can help

Employing the right team of exhibition staff will always differentiate your conference or trade show stand because face-to-face communication will always remain hugely powerful.

In addition to conveying your brand ethos and values, exhibition staff will always be on hand to attract additional attention to your stand, engage meaningfully with potential customers and clearly explain everything your business has to offer.

Exhibition Staff are Professional, Versatile and Engaging

The most effective exhibition teams can turn their hand to a variety of different tasks, including product demonstrations, quality lead generation, active sales and data capture.

In addition to building interest in your product and taking contact information that your sales team can utilise in the future, exhibition staff also understand how to keep customers engaged for as long as it takes to get them on board with your brand narrative.

In looking for your ideal team of exhibition staff hire a diverse team who are affable, approachable and possess a ‘nothing is too much trouble’ attitude.

In addition to helping to drive sales and boost revenue, having an experienced and cheerful team on your side at all times will ensure that every potential customer leaves your stand with a positive impression of your business.

Supplement Your Sales Team with Professional Exhibition Staff

Even if you plan to send your own team of people with an intricate understanding of your business and your products or services, exhibition staff will prove to be an excellent supplementary team as they will possess a unique and valuable skillset that will drive additional interest and success.

Working together as a tight unit will help you to ensure that every visitor to your exhibit is viewed as a potential conversion and as such, no one will leave feeling unengaged.

Capturing the attention of your visitors is essential and the ability to bring everyone into the narrative that you want to convey will ensure that any obstacles to success are kept to a minimum.

After attracting additional people to your stand, your exhibition team will then work to qualify them to ensure that your sales team are able to focus their time and attention on those that prove to be your most valuable potential customers.

Importantly, ahead of your event, your team will be made aware of your unique goals, targets and objectives so that appropriate measures of success can be put in place.

If you are looking for a team of effective exhibition staff hire an experienced team who understands how to communicate valuable information to potential customers without it feeling as though they are overtly selling.

People enjoy the experience of discovering something new for themselves and if your potential customers feel this way about your stand, you and your sales team will find it far easier to secure those all-important leads and conversions.

How Street PR simplifies the hiring process

Exhibition staff hiring is a challenge.

Staffers attract people to your stand, build enough product knowledge to talk intelligently about what you do, keep visitors engaged while you and your team are working with other customers, and accurately capture data for contact lists or later follow-up. It’s a skilled job and you need exactly the right people to make the most of event-based sales opportunities.

Our staff

StreetPR’s on-stand staff are known as ‘ice breakers’ because the first part of their job is to attract customers to your stand or stall and get them talking.

They discuss a potential customer’s interest in your product and can even help to prioritise or pre-qualify customers before introducing them to your staff for a more in-depth conversation.

Every member our team are fully trained in customer service, product demonstration and sales techniques.

We are experienced in training exhibition staff and it’s a great way to vet potential staff as well as figure out their strengths. Everyone we send to your event is well-presented, smiling and ready to help.

We also have specialist staff available.

Our brand ambassadors are always well-briefed, knowledgeable and a key part of the sales team; great at engaging and influencing people,  they are often ‘go-to’ representatives for a brand.

We have over 1,000 promotional models on our books, all of them professional, and we’ll work with you to get the perfect team together to represent your brand.

How we take work off your hands

We make HR, booking and management of exhibition staff easy.

With a large database and a wide range of staff, we can have a team ready for your event in a matter of days.

While we’re preparing your team, you get to spend your time where it’s most valuable: getting ready for the event itself.

When StreetPR handles your exhibition staffing you have more hands on deck so you can deal with as many interested visitors as you need to.

While our team of ice-breakers are meeting, greeting and creating a great first impression – not to mention giving out key product information and warming up customers – your own staff, as product experts, get to devote more time to each qualified customer our team pass on to them.

More time means better engagement, which in turn increases the probability of making a sale.

Having our highly-trained, personable and engaging staff helping at your event increases the traffic to your stall, builds better relationships with customers and drives sales.

That doesn’t just mean bringing in more potential customers but helping to drive revenue per customer by understanding what they want and need; helping your staff to make the most of each interaction.

Our staff don’t just smile and sell. They capture leads, either on good old-fashioned pen and paper or on more advanced technology, which helps you to follow up and keep selling after the event.

We’ve been nailing street marketing since 2006. Hire experienced exhibition staff from us today.

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