Steal The Spotlight at Trade Shows By Utilising Professional Brand Ambassadors

When you’ve spent time and money organizing your presence at a trade show, you want to know that you will see a return. But all too often, your efforts can be wasted, especially if competitors have better stands and a better brand presence. So how can you optimize your investment by using professional brand ambassadors to up your game?

Why does branding matter?

In the B2C and B2B world alike, your brand makes all the difference between success and failure. Great brands have a strong image with their target customer base. These brands have values, quality and brand attributes that resonate with customers. These brands invest in their images and their messaging to provide a consistent, ongoing experience that customers will value and feel an affinity with.

This brand development requires a lot of time, strategy, and investment, and can easily go awry. Failing to invest in a brand will see even a strong company erode. Customers expect to experience a brand via several touchpoints – from social media to in-person experiences, face-to-face marketing at events such as trade shows, product launches and other types of events.

The value of brand ambassadors

When you host a face-to-face event such as a trade show, professional brand ambassadors are on hand to represent your brand. They will be ready to communicate your messages to customers, engage with visitors, and carry out specific functions on your stand.

For example, ambassadors may encourage visitors to your stand and hand out materials and promotional items. They may introduce speaker events, host visitors or guests to your branded area, answer specific queries or funnel visitors through to salespeople on your stand.

Brand ambassadors are invaluable. They can provide a vital resource that your own business lacks – and on a flexible basis. It is expensive and time-consuming to maintain a permanent in-house team of ambassadors attached to a marketing team, but a flexible and agency-based resource provides access to these skill sets as and when you need them. The arrangement is also very cost-effective, and ambassadors have already been pre-screened, pre-trained and assessed as being ready to represent the brands that they will be working for.

How to get the most from ambassadors?

Be sure to spend time providing the information that your ambassadors will need to do their job effectively. This means being clear about the schedule and agenda for the day, expectations and objectives, and providing clear messaging and other resources that they will need to prepare.

Be ready to answer questions, have experienced staff on hand to provide guidance on the day and treat your ambassadors as valued flexible and additional staff – so that they feel encouraged to work for you again in the future. Remember, this experience also builds up your brand as an employer, as well as a business in a competitive market.

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