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What makes us different

Getting your product into the hands of students can see it take off

Students are forward-thinking, experimental but also fiercely loyal to brands that they feel buy into the student mindset and experience. They have a high-level of disposable income, despite being low-earners. As a cohesive unit, they remain untapped. Students try new products first, spend money on things they WANT and use social media more than any other group. Getting your product into the hands of students can see your product or service take off.

StreetPR is part of Crowdify Global Group, which also includes Wicked Student Nights, one of the UK’s largest student event brands. This allows us to partner with brands to achieve unrivalled direct access to students on and off campus.

Three reasons to choose StreetPR event staff agency


First Student Event Launch


Four Weekly Events in London


Wicked Student Nights is Born


A New MD for a New Direction



First Student Union Partnership – King’s College London


Five Official Student Union Partners


Ten Official Student Unions Partners


New Partners Take Over Day-to-Day, Founders Focus on Marketing/Sponsorship


Itchy Feet Joins Harrix Group – Combined Student Reach hits 1.5 million in 25 cities

What makes us different

Student Marketing In Focus

StreetPR has combined with Wicked Student Nights to deliver successful campaigns for brands such as Lynx, Verge Magazine, MTV, Jägermeister, Bjorn Borg, Wicked Campers, Stoke Travel, Kiss, Jose Cuervo, Vue Cinemas, Urban Nest, Victoria Halls, Noho, Thor Drinks, UK Sports Clubs and many more.

StreetPR staff can put your product or service direct into the hands of students, whilst our event partners enhance our direct marketing through event sponsorship, exclusive social media networks , sampling and focus groups. StreetPR has seen huge success with competitions, particularly when focusing on interaction with the product through photos and reviews.

We work with student companies and Student Unions all year round, so whether it’s data capture inside a popular student party, product sampling on campus, focus groups to discuss new ideas or large event promotion feel free to contact StreetPR so we can build your campaigns.

80K+ Live Database

‘Wicked Student Nights’ is part of Crowdify and has an active database of over 80k students, studying at Universities across London which can used for direct access via WSN, to find source Brand Ambassadors and Focus Groups,

We Have Over 20 Years Experience

Crowdify Directors began their student event marketing journey in Covent Garden in 2001. We have worked with Clubs and Societies at 15+ Universities, and run Official SU Welcome Events since 2012.

Nationwide Reach of Over
1 Million Students

Working with Student Event Promoters across the UK, we have unprecedented access to students via digital media or live events.

Over 3000 Events And Counting

Since 2006, Wicked Student Nights has run 5 events per week – at venues across London. A weekly attendance of over 5000 students PLUS one-off boat parties, festivals, and Freshers Events sees WSN as the market leader in student event marketing.

On Campus Marketing

Targeting students on their own turf is a great place to start, but needs to be handled efficiently and effectively

 Interactive campaigns are popular and product sampling can often lead to queues as word spreads fast through student social networks.

StreetPR has contacts across the country for on campus marketing as well as staffing. For advertising agencies we can take care of everything from campaign concept, design, logistics, staffing, implementation, feedback and campaign reporting. No matter whether it’s a service or product, we have the knowledge and understanding of how to engage students, excite them and turn them into a customer for the future.

We have worked with brands in all sectors including food and drink, health and fitness, finance, housing, recruitment, lifestyle, fashion, travel and much more. No matter how big or small your idea, give StreetPR a call and let’s see if we can help you create something amazing.

Student Events

Spread the word about your brand, introduce new ideas and concepts, engage with your customers and leave a lasting impression

There are several options. Sponsorship of existing, successful events – “plug-ins” – are ideal for companies who do not have a huge budget and want to target students in a specific area. Plug-ins work because the students are already guaranteed to be coming to the event and your sponsorship enables you to run experiential campaigns to a targeted audience. Sampling, gaming, competitions or just brand awareness campaigns all work very well in this environment.

For national brands and companies with larger ambitions we can create bespoke events. As you can imagine, with a bespoke event the world is your oyster! In the past we have hosted parties at the famous Café de Paris and Kensington Roof Gardens, which can become “unofficial Freshers Fairs” where your company can showcase a selection of products.

Our events team can cover everything from concept to execution on a national basis and the staffing team can manage everything revolved around recruiting the right brand ambassadors for your campaign.

Our head office is in the heart of London

If you want to learn more about our services and staff, feel free to give us a call. 

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