Shops and University Drops

Target your ideal customers with StreetPR’s shops and university drops. 

Our strategic approach ensures that you reach the right audience at the right time. Driving impactful engagement and maximising your marketing efforts. Delivering your flyers across campus or directly to a localised shopping parade will drive engagement. Our professional team will distribute your merchandise to the ideal location to maximise visibility.

Spread Awareness

We plan and execute custom routes, only targeting the customers you want!

We run shop drops all over the UK every single week for lots of different clients. These ensure your marketing flyers are seen and are available to the perfect audience.

StreetPR’s “Shops and university drops” are not just dumping your flyers and posters among a pile of others. Our staff target the areas you want and build a database of locations in which your posters and flyers will then be distributed. You can check our work at anytime, and see which locations work best for your intended audience.

Student based distribution

Shops and University Drops

University drops work exactly the same way. We move around the university campus sites distributing flyers and posters in “strategic” places. This is on the guerrilla side of marketing, but it always yields huge success.

We offer Shop Drops across the UK in all major cities. We can also plan bespoke campaigns in other towns/cities which will be priced individually.

No matter what you’re looking for we will help.

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