Discover the captivating art of Reverse/Clean Graffiti!

At StreetPR, we specialise in creating unique and attention-grabbing street-level advertisements through the innovative Reverse Clean Graffiti process. This eco-friendly advertising technique involves turning clean pavements into canvases of communication, leaving a lasting impression on passersby. 

Planning and Preperation

Reusable, Impactful, Professional

The stencils (75 x 75 cm’s) are made from durable materials, making them reusable for future projects. Our experienced team knows how to adapt to different surfaces and locations to achieve the best results every time. If you don’t have artwork, no worries! Our experienced team can create the perfect stencil to ensure the impression works flawlessly.

Before we hit the streets, we meticulously brief our team on the project, including specific locations. For large-scale campaigns, we synchronize our efforts, ensuring all team members work simultaneously to maximize impact.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Masterful Jet-Washing for Clear, Eye-Catching Pavement Impressions

Our skilled team wields professional jet-washing equipment, featuring a 600-liter water bowser and pressure washers with 3,000 psi pressure. This cutting-edge gear ensures crisp and clear impressions every time.

With the stencils in place, we expertly spray over them using the pressure washer, creating clean and eye-catching impressions on the pavement. Our team’s experience ensures top-notch results, regardless of the location or surface type.

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The results speak for themselves

Based on brief surveys, an astonishing 80% of passing individuals notice your message, with an impressive 70% retaining the content. It’s an unbeatable way to make a lasting impact and create memorable interactions with your target audience.


Grab the attention of passersby with an unconventional and striking form of street advertising.


We tailor our campaigns to hit specific locations that align perfectly with your target demographic.


Enjoy cost-effective advertising that delivers exceptional results without breaking the bank.

High Footfall

Reach a wide audience in high-traffic areas, maximizing the visibility of your message.


Embrace eco-friendly advertising that minimizes resource usage and leaves a positive impact.

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