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Boost your brand awareness and drive sales with the vital support of our individually trained and experienced brand ambassadors. 

StreetPR understand the importance of elevating your brand and increasing sales. Having dedicated staff that can answer this issue is a key issue for most brands. This makes us the ideal partner to help you achieve your goals.

we are masters with your audience

Our experienced brand ambassadors drive results and provide a positive first impression

Our staff can appear anywhere for your business. From events, trade shows, in store, on tours and even as promotional staff in street teams. At StreetPR we believe our Brand Ambassadors are able to appear and act like our clients’ own staff. Upholding the values and ethos of the company they are representing.

Our Brand Ambassadors are great within a crowd. Influencing people, leaving them with an extremely positive brand experience, no matter what environment they work in. Often considered as key sales people for a product or service. This means they are always well briefed, and are often the ‘go to’ person when it comes to the brand they are representing. Answering questions from potential customers face to face. A Brand Ambassador’s main role is to drive results for our clients, providing a positive first impression of their brand.

Choosing our experienced brand ambassadors

Our Process

We take care of  HR, training, booking and management of our Brand Ambassadors. Making sure they have the right to work in the UK, are insured and paying the right amount of tax. ALL of our staff have face to face interviews and, every member of our team is vetted through our in-house training programs, where only the best make the grade. This makes selecting staff from our database that much more efficient. Enabling us to  implement campaigns quickly and effectively.

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