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– This is a relatively new marketplace, but with so many amazing and important Apps coming to market, StreetPR has made a conscious effort to develop expertise in the launch and promotion of Apps for a whole new client base. Using our promotional staff has a huge positive effect on app downloads. Brand ambassadors from StreetPR are experts in increasing brand visibility and converting customers into product sales.


Experts in data collection and generating leads since 2006

Creating Campaigns

Generating downloads from those all important customers in a local market are crucial in the launch phase. StreetPR works with a number of Apps that have regular customer usage. Often starting in one area, we see how customers interact with the Apps and the conversion rate from downloads to users. Our dedicated customer service teams are experts in collecting data and generating quality sales leads.


Ready to develop large, ongoing campaigns.

We love product launches!

We work with clients to make any necessary adjustments and our campaign managers are on hand to make sure this happens. When we hit targets (whether that is 10 or 10,000 users) we are on hand to develop large, ongoing campaigns. StreetPR loves to break new ground and Apps are a great way for us to do just that!

We love being one of the first to see the latest and greatest bright ideas from those in the tech community. We work with budgets large and small, and have now been part of a number of projects that started small and have gone on to national and even international success.

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