Reverse Graffiti: Leave Your Mark on London’s Urban Canvas

On the forever busy streets of London, where creativity knows no bounds, a unique form of artistic expression is making its mark – reverse graffiti. While traditional graffiti involves adding paint or markings to surfaces, reverse graffiti flips the script, offering a captivating way to stamp your location on the city’s urban landscape. In this blog, we’ll explore the intriguing world of reverse graffiti and how it’s leaving an indelible impression on London.

What Is Reverse Graffiti?

Reverse graffiti, also known as clean tagging or grime writing, is an art form that involves cleaning or removing dirt, grime, and pollution from surfaces to create art. Artists use various tools, such as brushes, scrubbers, and pressure washers, to selectively clean areas, leaving behind intricate and striking designs.

The Appeal of Reverse Graffiti in London

  1. Eco-Friendly Art:

Environmental Consciousness:

In a city as environmentally aware as London, reverse graffiti resonates with those who appreciate eco-friendly art. It repurposes existing pollution to create something beautiful.


Reverse graffiti is a sustainable form of art that doesn’t rely on additional materials or contribute to pollution.

  1. Captivating Aesthetics:

Urban Transformation:

It transforms grimy, neglected surfaces into vibrant, eye-catching works of art. This urban renewal aspect appeals to London’s ever-evolving landscape.

Unique Texture:

Reverse graffiti creates a textured, tactile experience that draws people to touch and interact with the art.

  1. Temporary Art in a Dynamic City:

Changing Canvas:

London’s dynamic environment means that surfaces are constantly changing. Reverse graffiti embraces impermanence and the transient nature of urban spaces.

Interactive Art:

Artists often engage with the community, allowing onlookers to witness the art’s creation and participate in its enjoyment.

  1. Non-Destructive Expression:

Legal Standing:

Unlike traditional graffiti, reverse graffiti typically doesn’t involve defacing property or breaking the law. Many view it as a legitimate form of street art.

Community Acceptance:

It often garners approval from communities, property owners, and local authorities.

Prominent Reverse Graffiti Artists in London

Paul ‘Moose’ Curtis: A pioneer of reverse graffiti, Moose has left his mark on London streets, showcasing his talent and the city’s unique canvas.

Alexandre Orion:

Although not a London-based artist, Orion’s reverse graffiti work in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has inspired artists worldwide, including those in London.

Creating Your Reverse Graffiti

Choose Your Location: Select a suitable location with a grimy surface, such as a brick wall or pavement.

Design Your Art:

Plan your design, considering the existing dirt and grime patterns. Your design should incorporate the surroundings.

Gather Materials:

Acquire the necessary cleaning tools, including scrubbers, brushes, and eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

Create Your Art:

Begin the cleaning process, selectively removing dirt to reveal your design. Precision and patience are essential.

Document and Share:

Capture your masterpiece through photos or videos and share it on social media to inspire others.

Measuring Success

The impact of reverse graffiti can be measured through:

Community Engagement:

Gauge public reactions and engagement with your art, including social media shares and comments.

Media Coverage:

Monitor if your work is featured in local news or art publications.

Foot Traffic:

Observe an increase in foot traffic or interest in the area around your art.


Reverse graffiti offers a fresh perspective on art in London’s bustling urban environment. It’s a unique form of expression that not only beautifies the city but also aligns with its eco-conscious values. As the urban landscape continues to evolve, reverse graffiti serves as a captivating way to leave your mark on London’s ever-changing canvas, one clean surface at a time. So, grab your brushes, find a suitable location, and let your creativity flow in the heart of this artistic city.

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