The Pros & Cons of Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is essentially advertising that promotes a business’s services or products outside.

Examples include leafleting, billboards, ads on the sides of buses and taxis, guerrilla marketing and ambient media.

Street/outdoor marketing is commonly used by both start-ups and large companies, but what exactly are the main pros and cons of this form of advertising?

Outdoor advertising is effective because:

  • It is high impact
  • It can be highly customised to the campaign
  • Promo staff bring your brand to the streets

Be wary of:

  • Organisation & logistics, you can’t fluke a good outdoor advertising campaign
  • Permits & regulations

Let’s delve deeper into this. First the pros:

High Impact

Because outdoor marketing can take many forms, it is suitable for all types of businesses and can have a high impact.

Outdoor marketing can be as complex or as simple as a business requires, and successful campaigns can combine a range of options.

As well as traditional forms of outdoor marketing such as leaflet distribution and billboards, outdoor and street marketing can range right up to unconventional guerrilla marketing and global campaigns.

Tailored to the Client

Outdoor marketing can be tailored to the client’s specific requirements.

Campaigns can vary in scale and range from local leafleting for small businesses to nationwide campaigns for global brands.

Outdoor advertising can be scaled to suit the size and budget of the client and can be tailored to the company’s target market, providing an engaging and effective activity.

Engaging Staff

Outdoor street marketing is only as good as the people carrying out the campaign.

Positive energetic staff can bring a marketing campaign to life, and it is crucial to have confident people with great personalities to represent your brand.

With highly trained, experienced and enthusiastic staff you can ensure that street advertising in London, or anywhere, is dynamic, engaging and guaranteed to make an impact.

So what do you need to be wary of and what can damage an outdoor advertising campaign?

Organisation and Logistics

The very best outdoor advertising requires meticulous planning.

Organising and coordinating nationwide campaigns is no walk in the park.

As well as creative flair and an innovative approach, it is absolutely essential that an agency can handle the preparation and execution of the services, but unfortunately many agencies fall down at this step.

An experienced and reliable agency can take care of the campaign with ease, from knowing just how many staff will be required to ensuring the correct technology is used so accurate data can be reported. This experience is invaluable and can save you a lot of expense!

Permissions and Regulations

The very nature of outdoor marketing means the advertising is happening in public, so it is vital to ensure all appropriate permissions have been obtained and relevant regulations have been followed.

Implementing street advertising in a huge city like London, Manchester, or Birmingham for example, will involve careful consideration of rules and regulations. 

A reputable and experienced agency will be familiar with the processes involved in staging public promotional services or wide-scale experiential marketing campaigns.

Outdoor and street marketing has a wealth of advantages: it is high impact, engaging and effective.

It can be combined with other forms of advertising. With the right reputable and experienced agency to handle the logistics, provide passionate staff and execute an innovative marketing campaign, outdoor advertising can really benefit any business.

Take your campaign to the streets with an outdoor advertising campaign. We have years of experience delivering high-value campaigns to clients, get in touch today!

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