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Discover the intriguing world of street marketing campaigns. A captivating subject that has gained significant attention since publication of the first case study by Harvard Business School in 2014. 

Uncover the power and effectiveness of this highly targeted marketing approach as we delve into this fascinating method of reaching your target audience.

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Making up a huge and often important part of your campaign

It’s come a long way from simply handing out flyers in the 90’s, although this still makes up a huge and often important part of any campaign, person to person flyer distribution is still an integral part of any marketing campaign. Thanks to the rise of the smart phone era, we are now able to create amazing user experiences, allowing your target audience to purchase whilst on the move.

Street Marketing is used by both start-ups and large companies alike. It takes planning, permissions and logistics to bring an effective campaign together. A good Street Marketing campaign will integrate a number of other disciplines from StreetPR’s repertoire; from our promotional staff, to samplers and product demonstrators, with social media and user acquisitions all playing a part in the success of your campaign.  

Street Marketing experts

We Manage Your Logistics

The bit where many agencies fall down is logistics. Flyers, posters, billboards, samples, technology which works on the move as the environment changes. These are all required to execute a good street marketing campaign. How many samples? What areas? How many people, and at what speed? It can all seem like a little too much – but don’t worry we LOVE this stuff and do it daily!

StreetPR are the Street Marketing experts and will therefore take care of your campaign, providing a little creative flair and a lot of knowledge that helps you avoid the pit falls and mistakes others make. The logistics, staff and reporting are all managed on your behalf. We are passionate in what we do and therefore, we want to do it for you.

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