How to plan an effective leafleting campaign strategy

Leafleting is a tried and tested way of getting information about a product, service or event to a large group of people quickly and effectively.

Companies that use leafleting as a marketing tool to promote their business do so due to its success rate and ability to target specific audiences.

How can you plan an effective leafleting campaign?

  • Location, location, location – pick the right place
  • Choose the right staff!
  • Measure results and respond

We’ve run countless successful leafleting campaigns in cities all around the UK. Let’s expand on our top three tips for an effective leafleting campaign:

Location is key

For leaflet distribution the opportunities are vast. Large cities offer numerous locations to target.

You have tourist attractions, transport stations, concert and music venues, shopping centres and high streets.

Leaflet distribution is suitable for every size of business and can suit any budget.

Campaigns are planned in advance to ensure maximum coverage and impact and to target the right audience; for example, a campaign aimed at parents and carers with young children would include appropriate family-popular venues at appropriate times of the day.

Alternatively, if a company wanted to target business professionals in the London financial sector, a campaign in the City area of London at rush hour would be the most effective.

There’s a little bit of luck and being in the right place at the right time. Or if you have run as many leafleting campaigns as we have, you have data and experience on your side. That way, we’re always in the right place at the right time.

Engaging promo staff

Some campaigns require the leaflet distributor to engage in conversation with the public.

If this is the case, the staff require training in advance and are often recruited specifically for the job. Other businesses may require distributing staff to wear a specific uniform or branded clothing to promote the business or to hand out samples along with the leaflets.

Cities are the best place for a mass marketing campaign. Leafleting teams can target busy areas at key times of the day to ensure blanket coverage.

Leafleting can be a very personal way of reaching customers. Some companies require distributors to undertake door to door leafleting, such as to advertise a new local business or service.

Staff need to be prepared to engage with residents and explain what it is they are promoting. They must represent the company in a professional and friendly manner.

We have a large roster of brand ambassadors and promo staff to bring an enthusiastic and warm touchpoint for customers.

Measure your way to success

It is important to monitor the success of a leafleting campaign.

This can be achieved by including a voucher or offer on the leaflet and calculating the redemption numbers. Coding the leaflets and requesting that they are handed in in return for a discount or free gift is also effective.

Distributing staff often work for an agency and are answerable to them.

Many agencies will ensure that their employees download their interactive app so that they can monitor their location and working hours. This gives clients peace of mind that their campaign is being executed effectively and efficiently.

Ensuring leaflets are easy to read, clear and professional with all the vital information in one place will create a good impression of any business. Consumers are far more likely to read and hold on to a leaflet if it is something they are interested in and gives them the details they need.

Leaflet distribution in city centres is an effective, efficient and great way to reach audiences with a specific message in a short amount of time and with a lot of information.

Food delivery & market leading company, Deliveroo saw the benefits of a leafleting campaign, targeting individuals in over 50 London locations and clocking up over 20,000 hours with our promotional staff.

We have created and executed countless effective leafleting campaigns from Plymouth to Perth. Get in touch with the street marketing experts today!

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