How to nail your street advertising

In today’s digital world, it’s easy to think that digital marketing is where the money is, everyone has a smartphone, and you can be just a couple of clicks away from a sale.

When you’re planning a marketing campaign, bear in mind that there are many ways in which you can grab someone’s attention.

Street advertising is an effective way of marketing your business, from putting up banners and billboards to handing out flyers.

Link these up with a digital presence and you’re grabbing your target’s attention and pushing your brand. 

So how can you make sure you are nailing your street advertising campaign?

Banners & hoardings 

We’re all busy and a good street marketing campaign will garner attention and encourage the audience to check a business out.

Seeing a logo and branding as they go about their day may not register consciously, but their subconscious will have picked up on it and it will be familiar when they see it again. 

Flyers, posters & samples 

With street advertising, ambassadors for your brand will get your colours and branding out there, putting flyers in people’s hands, arranging posters, handing out samples and pushing your targets towards your business.  

Right place, right time

Choose the right location for your street marketing campaign, find where it’s best to get a crowd of target customers and steer them towards your business.

Hand out flyers or put-up posters that tell people how close they are to a great service. 


Put a coupon code on the flyer and a time-bound offer that drives a sense of urgency and fear of missing out (FOMO).

Combine flyers and posters so that people see the offer, perhaps linking to a digital campaign.

Get them to enter their email address for a chance to win or get future offers.

This way a passing customer becomes a follower, and you can send further marketing messages to them. 

Be creative  

Make sure your ambassadors sing about your business.

Get creative ideas going for a campaign that will draw people in.

When people see a crowd, they want to see what’s going on and don’t want to miss out.

Have a clear call to action and be careful that your campaign grabs attention but isn’t too complicated.

No-one wants to wade through small print to see what they need to do.  

Communicate your value

People are busy and they need to see what benefit your offer has to them.

Offer them something great or demonstrate your product so people can see for themselves how effective it is.

It’s easier to show people face to face and that’s why street marketing can be so effective. 

Ways to ensure your investment in street advertising pays off

How can you go the extra steps to ensure that your street advertising campaign goes off without a hitch?

Choose the right location.

Location is key. Look for relevant footfall and your target audience.

Areas near a shopping centre or busy high street can be rich with potential, for example, as can spots near busy transport hubs with plenty of passing foot traffic.

Check with the local council for any license requirements.

Get your materials in place.

Decide on the purpose of your advertising and produce relevant materials with the appropriate offer.

This may mean producing flyers, promo packaging or incentive cards.

Get the right marketing staff in place.

The success of your street advertising campaign will heavily depend on the staff that you choose.

They will need to be professional in appearance, clear about the messages of your brand and ready to engage proactively with your target audience.

Provide the materials that your staff need.

Your marketing staff will need full training on your product, brand, key messages and advertising offer in advance of the day.

Make sure they have relevant materials, dress code and everything they need to answer questions.

Have an experienced in-house brand representative on hand if necessary, so that your flexible staff can refer onwards any queries that they can’t answer themselves.

Measure success.

Have some key and measurable objectives so that you can measure the success of your street advertising and assess the ROI of your campaign investment. For example, sign-ups via a promoted app could be used. 

If you want to arrange a street marketing campaign, it’s important to plan it carefully.

If you’re not sure how to go about it, planning the logistics and working out the costs to make sure you get a good return.

We have been running successful street advertising campaigns since 2006. Stand out on the street today.

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