How to enhance your brand name through experiential marketing

Experiential marketing is one of the most important marketing strategies that your business may not yet be employing. 

Also known as engagement marketing, it employs methods to help your target customers engage meaningfully and powerfully with your brand.

Ultimately these customers will become connected with your brand and eventually stay loyal, which is the goal of any successful business owner. 

In a world where there are numerous competitors and extremely easy ways to shop at rival brands – particularly with the growth of e-commerce – experiential marketing offers a way for brands to build an engaged and loyal customer base and to enjoy the benefits of repeat purchases over time.

What are the benefits of experiential marketing?

The benefits of experiential marketing include:

  • Personalise the experience of engagement for customers.
  • Create a powerful connection between the product and the customer’s emotion towards it.
  • Develop powerful and meaningful touchpoints.
  • Create social ‘shareability’ for social networks. 

Why do these benefits matter?

Customers expect to feel emotional connections with brands and want to feel as though they are being treated as individuals rather than numbers. 

If you can immerse them in a meaningful and positive experience, your brand will stick in their mind for the right reasons. 

Similarly, by experiencing your service or product in an experiential way, your customers will experience strong and positive emotions towards it and be more inclined to make a repeat purchase.

By offering a cohesive purchase, your customers feel a connection to your business, value the ease of buying from you, and are more inclined to be loyal. Even better, your customers are likely to share interesting experiences online via video.

This aspect is important and explains why most of today’s experiential campaigns are delivered via video.

Video material is ideal for customers to watch from their smartphones and a hugely growing method of communication online.

What’s more, it is infinitely shareable across a series of platforms, so customers can share content with their networks in just a few clicks.

How will an experiential marketing agency create these strategies? 

It is very challenging to create a successful experiential marketing campaign. Each experience should be relevant to the brand and authentic. Brands should: 

  • Carry out research to gather inspiration.
  • Really understand their customers.
  • Have a clear goal.
  • Establish the value.
  • Devise a campaign that will engage multiple senses.
  • Look to create an innovative, positive and meaningful experience that can be shared online.
  • Measure and evaluate results.

If this seems daunting to your business, you can start small with experiential marketing and focus on identifying what other businesses have been doing.

In this way, you can gain inspiration and ideas that might work well for your brand.

You may consider calling in the professionals to help you develop a targeted engagement campaign that is bespoke to your brand, your product offering and your budget. 

This will enable you to focus your resources on the best possible returns and create an impactful experiential marketing campaign that really makes your target customers feel positive about your brand and inclined to buy from it. 

Experience in experiential is key

Experiential marketing can be challenging and requires a high degree of expertise. Many businesses, especially SMEs, simply don’t have the resources necessary to devise and deliver impactful and successful engagement marketing strategies. 

There’s no shame in leaning on some expert help, who will have the specific expertise and flexible resources needed to deliver an engaging marketing campaign that is tailored specifically to your brand. 

See how we’ve used our in-depth knowledge, skills and expertise to deliver experiential marketing campaigns to our clients on a flexible basis according to their needs. Get in touch to discuss your opportunities. 

How will you use experiential marketing as part of your broader marketing objectives to engage and build a loyal customer base this year?

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