Different Types of Experiential Marketing Strategies

Experiential marketing is very easy to understand. It’s just a campaign or event that involves people engaging with the brand or the product. This means they are not being passive and only receiving marketing messages. There are a lot of different types of experiential marketing strategies, and we’re going to take a look at some here.

Product Showcases

At the moment this seems to be the most popular type of experiential marketing. It’s a really simple idea. Instead of listing products and featuring their benefits through the traditional methods, product showcasing allows the user to actually experience what it can do. If you know you have a great product, there’s no better type of experiential marketing for you.

In most cases you can really grab an audience’s attention using a product showcase. You don’t even need to have the actual product there with you to allow your users to experience it. There are so many virtual reality technologies that can fully immerse your potential buyers into an experience. This is something that is very common in the automotive industry.

Immersive Experiences

Using the amazing virtual reality technology now available to us, we can immerse our end users into the world of your brand and product. They can actually experience all of the benefits on offer from your product with an immersive experience.


These are created with a large audience in mind using content. The content has to be relatable and shareable. Content should also have multiple layers so that people will want to dig deeper to find out more.

Innovation and Services from Your Business

If you can create an experiential marketing campaign that solves a real world problem, you’re on to a winner! However, using this type of marketing isn’t a quick fix and won’t result in instant sales for your business. It’s a more long-term strategy that builds on your brand, targeting customers in a much more relaxed way. In fact, to a casual observer, it doesn’t even look like a marketing strategy.

Event Marketing

Events and experiential marketing now go hand in hand and are very closely associated. Not all experiential marketing has to be event-oriented, but all events usually involve this type of marketing just by definition. Events are a great way to provide your customers with a platform where they can interact face to face with your brand and product within a fixed time frame. It’s a really tangible way of promoting your products.

Brand Activation

This comes about when a new product or service is launched by a company. It fits perfectly into the realm of experiential marketing. Using a showcase will work best for promoting any sort of new product or service from a brand. You can also turn simple product sampling into a sort of mini-event, letting the customer see the benefits of the product and the best side of your brand.

Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing starts a conversation about your marketing campaign and usually involves an element of surprise. You have to be very careful with this marketing – make sure it’s done well so that it’s received positively by your audience.

Experiential marketing is a powerful engagement tool and can even interest the most static of audiences. 

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