All you need to know about hiring promotional staff through an agency

When considering promotional staffing to promote your business, company or brand, there are numerous advantages to be had. 

It has been a hallmark of the promotional staffing industry for many decades to build a trustworthy and respected reputation with a leading team of enthusiastic employees nationwide, and in many cases abroad. 


Benefits of promotional staffing

Good quality promotional staff can create the desired impact and generate high levels of interest through highly imaginative campaigns to advertise your brand. 

They can range from teams of hundreds of people to just one or two people, depending on the individual budget and requirements of the client.

No two campaigns are alike since each is tailored to the client’s specific needs. 

It is possible to waste money on ineffective advertising methods that have little to no effect and are therefore quickly forgotten. 

Contrast this with the brightly coloured uniforms featuring the brand worn by the designated team of staff, a renowned enthusiastic hands-on approach, personal face to face presence of the team among the audience and highly imaginative and attention-grabbing displays promoting the brand or product.

Promotional staffing continues to accomplish its goal to the highest extent and creates meaningful, lasting impressions on potential customers. 


Hiring promotional staff through an agency

Whilst it is possible that it may be a slightly daunting prospect to those unfamiliar with hiring a promotional staffing team through an agency, hiring promotional staff is a pleasantly effortless and enjoyable process.

In the first place, the specifics of your promotion, such as the brand or product you wish to promote and the method, are discussed with a key team of centrally located administration staff. 

Next to discuss is the budget, location, and size. These are important for understanding the scale of the campaign and the timeframes needed to pull it off. 

Then more specific details, such as uniform (or in many cases, costume), props and even performance, will all be thoroughly discussed and arranged.

After that, a team will be carefully assembled to meet your needs, and you can rest assured that all the important details, such as licensing, location, and timing of the event, will be handled by the promotional agency. 



After the details of the campaign have been thoroughly discussed and agreed upon, it is time to put the plan into action.

To say the least, a wide range of promotional activities have been executed over the years. Staff will generate a lot of buzz and activity around the product or brand they’re promoting at the campaign’s targeted place or locations. 

These usually take place in areas densely populated by the targeted demographic, such as busy high streets, shopping malls, education centers and seasonal markets, fairs, and fringe festivals. 

The assembled promotional team will be kitted out in branded uniforms previously agreed by the client and the agency.

These can range from a simple yet smart polo top featuring the logo of the brand or business being promoted, to some highly engaging outfits and costumes that will instantly attract the attention of those the event is targeting. 

Because so many promotional staff members are trained actors, models, and dancers, it’s not uncommon for scripted product-related performances to take place during the campaign, as well as personnel dressing up and performing in character. 

Again, this is something that will all be handled by the agency. All the client needs to do is let the agency know how they want to carry out the campaign and the goals they want to achieve. 


Which businesses can benefit from promotional staffing?

Most businesses and products can embark on a promotional staffing campaign because they can be configured to the exact needs of the business.  

Wine bars, restaurants, fast-food chains, mobile phone networks, food and product delivery service companies, high street shops, charities, pet stores, and businesses ranging from small to large to name a few, have all used promotional agencies to generate the necessary interest to advertise themselves. 

Ultimately, this is a highly effective means by which to get your brand noticed by its audience. 

At Street PR, we have been running promotional staffing campaigns since our inception, delivering results and memorable experiences for a huge range of businesses.

From the most disruptive apps in the world to the biggest football clubs in the country. 

Get in touch to discuss how our armies of promotional staff can help your marketing.

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