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London based taxi and courier company Addison Lee secured major investment to increase their market share on the back of the rise of cab hailing apps. The idea was to run a leaflet and app download campaign in high footfall areas across London, promoting during busy rush hour periods, busy lunchtime locations and local high streets at the weekend. There was also a further remit to target both the business and student demographics with bespoke demographic targeted flyers and offers. The primary target for all demographics was to promote the new Addison Lee app, measuring both downloads and then on-going app usage.

How we made a difference

Our Solution

We designed a multi-pronged street promotions campaign targeting busy rush-hours, National Rail and London Underground stations. We utilised multiple large leaflet distribution teams, with a focus on strong branding to create a visual impact. With our wide and varied experience as the UK’s leading student marketing agency, we know we are the experts when it comes to student marketing. With this experience and knowledge, we were also able to target large scale student events, using our longstanding relationships with KCL, UCL and UAL.

We built a dedicated brand appropriate team who received specific brand training to ensure quick and accurate delivery of the core message: £10 credit when booking a taxi through the app. Brand Ambassadors engaged in flyer distribution as well as demonstrating app usage live. In addition to our on street promotions service, StreetPR’s dedicated team of Campaign Managers also handled the ordering of all promotional clothing, flyers and licenses, as well as planning and organising all logistics and distribution.


The Result

The results were quite simply amazing with over 1,000 App Downloads and a 12% conversion rate over the first four weeks of the on-street promotional campaign. The street promotions campaign was so successful, Addison Lee then requested that StreetPR spearhead their new Business-to-Business promotional campaign within major corporate offices across London.

“We were incredibly impressed with all aspects of this promotional campaign and the results went above and beyond our expectations. We are looking forward to a long and successful relationship with StreetPR.”
– Darin Butler Chief Customer Officer of Addison Lee.

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