5 Reasons Why Hospitality Staff are so Resilient

It’s been a challenging couple of years for hospitality staff across the UK. Combined with uncertain futures and constantly changing rules, they have also had to deal with staff shortages. People missed out on various activities during the lockdown, including going out to eat and drink or watching a live event. Since the hospitality sector is opening up again, good hospitality staff is more important now than ever. 

1. Personality 

 Resilience is an essential skill in the hospitality industry for many reasons. In addition to needing to be friendly and approachable, hospitality staff also need to be upbeat and personable at all times, even when they may not feel like it and especially when dealing with difficult or unhappy guests. 

 2. Staying calm 

 Hospitality staff know that dealing with difficult situations is part of the job. Sometimes guests can be rude or have a genuine complaint. In these situations, hospitality staff need to remain calm, be polite and try their best to solve the problem. It may be a guest who is unhappy about the service, or a meal they’ve ordered, and it will be up to the hospitality staff member to find a solution and keep the guest happy.  

3. Working extended hours 

Working in hospitality means no two days are the same. On some days, staff could be working at a quiet corporate event in the city and on others, they could be working at a high profile party in the West End. In both cases, hospitality staff may be needed to work outside their regular shifts and be willing to work late. Accepting that last-minute changes are part of the job is essential for hospitality staff in the UK. 

4. Going beyond the job description 

Hospitality staff will have several responsibilities. The most important one will be to keep the guests happy and offer a professional service. Another part of the job is to be flexible, and this can mean taking on tasks that are not necessarily part of the role. Being adaptable and willing to help out in other areas is a key requirement for hospitality staff and one that employers expect. 

5. Unsociable hours 

Working in hospitality means working in the evenings and at weekends. This invariably implies that while everyone else is having a good time, the hospitality staff is working. Hospitality staff need to be available to work regular unsociable hours and to understand that this is part of the job. 

Hospitality staff are human and even if they are tired, or have stress in their personal lives, they need to be able to put these to one side when working. Guests are paying to have a positive experience and want to be served by happy, smiling, upbeat staff who prioritize their guests’ enjoyment. Hospitality staff across the UK are in high demand, and those who do a good job and who have the skills and resilience required can find varied and exciting work. 

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