5 Leaflet Distribution Mistakes You Must Avoid

Leaflet distribution can make a dramatic difference to any marketing campaign, particularly given the ambient noise level in the digital space. However, the leafleting campaign should be carefully managed to maximize the chances of success. Street PR has many years of experience and design campaigns to pre-empt the five most common mistakes (and many others) to avoid when designing and distributing leaflets.

  1. 1.Making your messaging content too general

One of the most common mistakes is to make your leaflet contents too general during your attempt to connect with a specific clientele. The team here at Street PR will ensure the messaging and visuals on your leaflet design will appeal to your target audience. Personalization is one of the many advantages of leafleting campaigns.

  1. Failing to geotarget your leafleting campaign correctly

Targeting is vital if you want to ensure the best possible return on investment (ROI) on your campaign. Street PR understands the importance of planning the precise demographic locations to target based upon your offering. Premium products or services need to be targeted at specific locations which are most likely to be receptive to them. Conversely, highly cost-competitive and bargain offerings can be targeted at a very different demographic.

  1. Using amateur leafleting services

We have all seen the piles of leaflets dumped over an abandoned railway bridge or at the side of a footpath. Not only does this fall foul of littering bylaws but we’re all left feeling a little sorry for the organization that commissioned the distribution of those leaflets and wasted their marketing budget in doing so. Street PR’s professional leafleting teams are carefully managed and checked to ensure that the leaflets are actually delivered as promised.

  1. Aggressive in-person leafleting.

In-person leafleting can be hugely effective, provided that the team concerned are professional and personable. Your brand is, quite literally, in their hands. Many of us have been on the receiving end of in-person hand-outs in shopping centers or on the high street and experiences can vary. Street PR’s professional team are carefully selected and fully trained to ensure the correct balance between enthusiasm and effectiveness versus overly assertive approaches.

  1. Lack of a call to action.

Your campaign has a purpose and yet we see so many leaflets where the desired action is barely present. Whether it is the redemption of a voucher code, the registration for a newsletter or contact for further information, your leaflet needs to clearly emphasize the desired action, the benefits of taking that action and how to do so. Options for contacting will need to be appropriate for the demographic you are trying to reach.

The five mistakes above are only a few of the myriad of factors you need to consider to ensure a successful leafleting campaign. Why not contact the professionals at Street PR today and ensure that your next campaign is the best yet.

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