3 strategic ways to boost sales with DOOH advertising

As new technologies emerge, they have created a plethora of exciting opportunities for approaching once-tired advertising strategies in new and innovative ways. 

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising has been gaining traction over the last couple of years and is offering a slightly more contemporary twist on classic out-of-home (OOH) street advertising. 

What is DOOH advertising?

Put simply, DOOH advertising is like OOH advertising with digital technology. Rather than using static imagery and text, DOOH utilizes digital screens, moving images and animations to capture attention and communicate a message. 

What makes DOOH advertising different from traditional street advertising? 

DOOH can also bring an element of interactivity to street advertising, which makes it more memorable and can help to make a brand feel more alive. 

As you might expect, DOOH advertising is extremely dynamic and as such can have an array of benefits for brands. 

How can DOOH advertising benefit your brand?

Here are a few ways of how it can assist to expand a brand’s reach while also boosting sales in the process: 

Digital location-based advertising: reach large audiences 

Take a moment to think about how many people pass through busy train and bus stations every day, and how many people visit shopping malls or spend time in city centres.

It can sometimes be easy to look past static advertising, simply because we’re all so accustomed to seeing it.

However, as outside digital adverts aren’t as common and benefit from moving elements that can catch the eye, it isn’t as difficult to make an impression even in a busy location where there’s always something going on. 

Personalized to both locations and people 

While personalizing traditional advertisements is essentially impossible, DOOH advertising simply doesn’t have the same restrictions.

 It lends itself extremely well to personalization, which can be extremely valuable as it can significantly influence the level of trust a consumer has in a brand. 

Coffee brand Douwe Egberts leveraged DOOH advertising and artificial intelligence (AI) in one of its airport campaigns. 

The ‘Bye Bye Red Eye’ campaign utilized facial recognition technology and offered a free cup of coffee to people the camera saw yawning.

Brands and marketers know how effective a free voucher or discount code can be for getting customers through the door, which is the first step towards encouraging add-on purchases to increase their total spending. 

Combat the banner blindness phenomenon 

In the first quarter of 2020, the median click-through rate (CTR) for online advertisements fell to just 1.55% from 2.5%. 

As consumers have started to feel more disconnected from this type of online advertising, it becomes easier to overlook. 

By fostering interactivity, digital street advertising can boost engagement. Lancôme did this successfully with its ‘Share a Smile’ campaign, which donated 1 euro to a girls’ scholarship fund for every smile its facial recognition software captured.

Naturally, this positively impacted the way people viewed the brand, which often correlates with increased conversions. 

It is clear that DOOH advertising allows you to interact with customers in totally new ways on the streets. With some creativity, you can be a new marketing case study. 

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